Mieko Miyazaki koto - Michel BENITA Bass
Eiwind AARSET Guitar,laptop- Matthieu MICHEL trompet
Philippe GARCIA Drums

Mieko Miyazaki and Michel Benita

The meeting with Mieko Miyazaki, Charismatic player of koto Native of Tokyo, is at the origin of the project " Ethics ". " I have fast Settled how the way she(he) approaches the traditional instrument could Establish(Constitute) the nucleus(kernel) of an eclectic and international project: serenity And mystery with Eivind Aarset and his(her,its) air approach of the guitar, Electro politeness with the drummer(beater) Philippe Garcia (Kpt' n Planet), singing(song) Chiselled by the Swiss trumpeter Matthieu Michel: a dream finally realized That to welcome these musicians in this adventure.

Michel Benita

In the landscape of the European jazz, Michel Benita Is not nor More Violent, nor the most invading double bassists. Discretion is In his(her,its) nature, the efficiency also. Some people speak about righteousness to sound Respect. With Drastic and Ramblin ', he added the surprise to the rank of his(her,its) Qualities. He confirms it with Ethics today. Michel Benita has Intended to live on his(her,its) talent that when he(it) reached(affected) about twenty. Installed(Settled) in Paris at the beginning of 1980s, he(it) made everything from then on for Catch, and as often to those who came to the music Late, his(her,its) investment led(drove) him(it) to multiply Experiences(Experiments) and to lug his(her,its) instrument with all those who Appealed to his(her,its) services. The name of the jazzmen beside of whom he(it) has Brought his(her,its) double bass in these years trains(forms) a Who's Who of the jazz which Takes place then in France, where the American legends (Lee Konitz, Horace Parlan, Archie Shepp) are next(go alongside) to the European safe(sure) values ( Daniel Humair, Cut(Boho) Stenson, Enrico Pieranunzi). Where the future friends of Always (Peter Erskine, Aldo Romano, Antoine Hervé) get involved in gi In the evening with musicians of passage.

Michel Benita à la contrebasse
Mieko Miyazaki et Michel Benita
Mathieu Michel à la trompette
Eiwind Aarset à la guitare
Philippe Garcia à la batterie