Mieko Miyazaki Koto Gaho Takahashi koto
Fumie Hihara koto basse

A trio of brilliant Japanese virtuoso artists, unique and unpublished project in Europe ..
The koto, traditional zither, exists since the 8th century in Japan. This instrument whose woody textures, transparencies and crystalline colors evoke trees, fountains, earth, sky ... opens the door to a musical universe that is both confusing, alive and meditative.

The meeting in Paris between Mieko and the two talented kotoists, Fumie Hihara (Koto Bass) and Gaho Takahashi, inspires her the urgency of creating new works for Kotos ensemble.
So, her traditional musical universe, enriched by his experiences and encounters with classical worlds, jazz and contemporary ... takes us beyond the borders, to rediscover Asia and the West!