Mieko Miyazaki koto and lyrics
Manuel Solans violin
Bruno Maurice accordion

Manuel Solans gets to know Mieko Miyazaki during a 2004 japanese tour. Their first exchanges are very quickly marked by the discovery of Bruno Maurice's recordings. Koto, violin, accordion ? For Mieko Miyazaki, the case is obvious : they must found this trio. 2006. Mieko decides to move to France. New life, new aspirations. Composing and creating become her priorities. The inaccessible dream comes true at last !

Saï-ko : first album

Like an adventure book, the first CD by the Miyazaki Trio is an invitation on a journey. It carries us away to an imaginary, poetic world full of elegance and refinement . Nurtured through the Japanese tradition, Mieko Miyazaki's music is melodious, profound and nostalgic. Guided by her delicat yet incisive style of koto-playing, the musical outline is liberated and fulfilled through improvisation. Here and there, the winds of freedom blow, allowing multiple influences to fuse, jazz, tango, musette, contemporary effects. The unusual alliance of three instruments : Bruno Maurice on accordion, Manuel Solans on violin, and Mieko Miyazaki on the koto, three profoundly different identities fuse, generating an original musical conversation marked by contrast and exoticism. A musical style where everyone can find something of his roots and yet discover something new : World Music.

The instruments

Accordion, koto, violin : three instruments, three international artists brought together for the first time. Mieko Miyazaki's music, soaked in Japanese tradition, guided by her delicate and incisive style of koto-playing, is enlivened and transformed through the encounter with the accordion and the violin.. The bayan « Appassionata », accordion, exceptional by virtue of its tonal diversity and polyphonic range, brings a symphonic dimension to the ensemble and imposes itself as the element of fusion. The Koto, the corner-stone of the trio, is distinguished by its sonority ranging from the deep woody bass-notes to the luminous top-notes. The traditional modes of playing (rubbing, glissandi, trembling, heavy vibrato) with their exotic resonance invite us on a journey. Intense and passionate, the song of the violin brings its poetry, its lyricism, a touch of refinement which confers its personality on the Miyazaki Trio. The Trio Miyazaki's repertoire consists of original works composed by Mieko Miyazaki, or by Bruno Maurice, and also of works inspired by the classical and popular Japanese repertoire. Its aesthetic identity is unique, mixing written scores and improvisation, ancestral roots and contemporary inspiration. The complicity of these three musicians from different musical horizons creates a true and sincere musical emotion.