Mieko Miyazaki Koto Guo Gan Erhu

The duo of Mieko Miyazaki and Guo Gan was born in France of the meeting of two professional musicians who would never have crossed had they remained in their native Far East ... Yet the Japanese koto and plucked stringed Chinese erhu were made ​​for each other as the guitar of Django Reinhardt with Stephane Grappelli's violin! Geography and history have separated the Chinese and Japanese cultures, one inspired by the great outdoors and the other born of the confrontation between the mountains and the ocean. Both artists have been trained in different musical traditions, both at the highest level of excellence and virtuosity. But their openness and curiosity drives them to enrich their practice "classic" by an external supply. Their mutual listening and friendship let their modes of expression to merge to give new life to traditional melodies of the two countries, and to create compositions. Dialogue with the voice of Mieko and the bow of Guo Gan became a symbol of reconciliation between peoples. And since they live in France, they do not refuse this other culture, giving a very original version, nostalgic, poignant, and "Autumn Leaves" by Kosma. Even more surprising are the transcripts of the masterpieces for piano by Debussy, revealing the importance of the Asian influence on the French composer, who collected Japanese prints and Chinese used the line in his works. So a world music par excellence, based on the oldest traditions to lead to an incredible creation literally. François Clairaut (music critic in Bordeaux newspaper Sud Ouest)