Mieko Miazaki koto - Patricia Borges Henriques dance
Nadine Gabard Lyrical singer - Stéphane Guignard stage direction

Songs is a musical journey between East and West where the unexpectable John Cage acts as a link: the suspended singing of Nadine Gabard meets Mieko Miyazaki’s Koto, the former enacting John Cage pieces, the latter high-jacking her instru- ment into transpositions tainted with Japanese melodies… These 2 singular musical trajectories, draped with electronic sound environments, are troubled by Patricia Borges Henriques’s ethnical dance.

Stretching time to better cease the moment, Stéphane Guignard guides the comedians to the limits of their discipline, revealing the body as a crossroads for the music. Each one’s identity bounces over the other one’s movement, provo- king, alternating, misfitting intentions until tran- quillity is reached.

Suspended, the bodies of these three “worlds” play their roots. From this white stage, from this silence particular to John Cage, from which anything can spring, comes a sound full sweetness, a fluidity of sounds, notes, noises, emotions… Inspired by the I Ching, an overlay of luminous lines introduces color and detaches the hearing. To interpret John Cage today is the sign of a free- dom to act upon serendipitous encounters. Car- rier of this singular enterprise, Stephane Guignard revives a physical and liberated kind of listening.

artistic and stage direction Stéphane Guignard
adapted from music by John Cage
choregraphic look Gilles Baron
scenography Bruno Lahontäa
lights Eric Blasse
costumes Hervé Paeydomenge,Agathe Delabre
electronic music Eddie Ladoire,Christian Fennesz
sound operator Guillaume Laidain or Eddie Ladoire
lights operator Véronique Bridier
graphic design Eric Chabrely