Mieko Miyazaki

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Koto Ensemble

Mieko Miyazaki – koto & composition
Naoko Kikuchi – koto
Fumie Hihara – BASS KOTO

Three top Japanese koto players who are based in Europe got together and formed this ensemble in Paris in 2019, centering around this piece from Mieko Miyazaki’s repertoire.

This finest Asian harp ensemble comprises two 13-stringed kotos which produce gorgeous rich but clear sounds and a 17-stringed bass koto which provides deep rhythmical timbres, capturing the full charm of both intruments and drawing the listener into an enhanting world of sound.

The shimmering moon, the breath of the wind, the whispering trees – the sound of the kotos produced by these three highly skilled musicians perfectly captures the beauty of nature.

Camellia, raindrops