Mieko Miyazaki

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The intensity and projection of each sound are exceptional and the grace notes between each sound create an infinite sonicity.


“This sound that unites, when words divide”. – Yves Bonnefoy

Discover the new album by Mieko Miyazaki and the Yako Quartet, born of love at first sight between classical and traditional music.


Mieko Miyazaki

Born in Tokyo, Mieko Miyazaki started studying the Japanese Koto with Tomizo Huruya and Sachiko Tamura. Chosen by the Japan Foundation to represent Japan during international cultural events, she performed various concerts in Asia, Europe and throughout the United States. Her work is considered one of the thirty most beautiful koto compositions of all time.

Projects & creations

Mieko Miyazaki’s koto crosses borders. Through traditional music, but also world music or jazz, there are no limits in her music.


Koto & Kit-O-koto

Imported from China in the 8th century under the name of Zheng, the koto is the emblematic Japanese instrument. Mieko Miyazaki has designed a foldable version: the Kit-O-Koto.