Mieko Miyazaki

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Saiyuki ~ 西遊記 ~

Nguyên Lê – guitar & laptops
Mieko Miyazaki – koto & vocalS
Prabhu Edouard – percussion & vocalS

SAIYUKI is the Japanese name for the « Journey to the West », a renowned Chinese novel written in the 16th century by Wu Cheng’en. This text relates the expedition to India, during the 8th century, of bonze Xuanzang, in quest for sacred buddhist texts.

His main escort in this epic fantasy is Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King. a very mischievous character, full of magic. He can fly on the clouds or change himself in a genie or a fabulous monster. The Chinese Monkey King has also an Indian brother: Hanouman, one of the most popular gods of Hinduism.

In China & Japan, the « Journey to the West » has always been an inspiration for some very diverse adaptations: painting rolls, Peking Opera, a Pop Opera from Damon Albarn, Mangas, TV serials, video games like Dragon Ball Z…

I would like to use this « Journey to the West » as the image of journeys, both real or imaginary, which bring the musicians here to create this music. Like a quest for a secret where one has to go through the adventures of Elsewhere, while keeping the most precious treasure: identity.

From Viêt-Nam to India through Japan, we weave the threads of silk which draw an Asia with no borders. Everyone has his own center point (the Western world aimed at by the Chinese novel was India), but here & now it is exploding: The Center is plural, Dialogue has started, connections are opening up!

Nguyên Lê